Panther Battalion Staff
Each year, a team of cadets are picked to "run" the Battalion of that school year. The highest 3 are announced at the annual military ball at the end of the year for the next year. Each week they meet together to discuss upcoming events, ways to improve and discuss company matters.
The JROTC Staff positions, cadet name and rank, and what the cadet completes in order to keep the Benton Junior R.O.T.C program running efficiently.

Battalion Commander

Cadet Lieutenant Colonel Micaiah Temple

The Battalion Commander is the head of Junior ROTC. This person is responsible for all the JROTC programdoes or does not do.

job complete and it is done efficiently.

Battalion Sergeant Major

Cadet Command Sergeant Major Jarett Page The Command Sergeant Major is in charge of all things Color Guard, Honor Guard, and Drill. This cadet prepares and chooses cadets that they think are prepared to perform.

Battalion Adjutant Cadet 1st Lieutenant Lydia Huthmaker The Battalion Adjutant is in charge of all cadet records and personal files for each cadet. The S-1 is also in charge of merits, demerits, and awards.

Battalion Security OfficerCadet Sergeant First Class Connor Roy

The Battalion Security Officer is in charge of security control and provides a list of stock in the program.

Assistant Battalion Operations and Training Officer(S-3)Cadet Second Lieutenant The Operations and Training Officer is in charge of preparing weekly training schedules and preparing ceremonies involved with the Battalion. Battalion Supply Officer Cadet First Lieutenant The Battalion Supply Officer is in charge of uniforms and supplies in the Junior ROTC Battalion. This cadet keeps up with the uniform and clothing records for every cadet in the Panther Battalion. Battalion Public Affairs OfficerCadet 2nd Lieutenant Briana JonesCadet Second Lieutenant The Public Affairs Officer deals with all things public affairs. This cadet is in charge of making newsletters, website design, and our Facebook page. This cadet also takes pictures and keeps track of events through a scrapbook.